Working for You – October & November 2018

In the constituency

I have been contacted by many constituents regarding Brexit, and the Government’s Withdrawal Agreement. Large numbers of constituents contacted me wishing to see the rollout of Universal Credit halted, and we have received several emails from constituents concerned that the Environment Bill must be fit for purpose to meet environmental challenges. Many concerned constituents wrote to us to share their anger at confirmation in the budget that the reduction in Fixed Odds Betting Terminals maximum stakes from £100 to £2 would be delayed. I am pleased to see the Government has responded to pressure and made a welcome U turn on this decision, and the reduction will be implemented in April 2019. Good news not only for the individuals and families directly affected, but for the wider community.

Locally, we are seeing several cases related to housing, many of which relate to issues regarding housing allocations. We are also being contacted by local landlords and tenants alike affected by Universal Credit/Housing Benefit direct payments, with Landlords unwilling to rent to claimants leading to tenants facing discrimination.

I attended several moving Remembrance Day services and memorials within the constituency, and I have met with several constituents during busy drop-in surgeries at Project 229, Morrisons  and at Tesco Riverfield Drive.

In Parliament

Please follow these links for my recent appearances in Parliament.

11th October: Transport Questions: Access for All Programme –  lifts at Bedford station 

16th October:  BEIS Questions: Sainsbury’s Asda merger – impact of takeover on workforce

26th October: Civil Partnerships, Marriages and Deaths (Registration Etc.) Bill – Registration of Stillbirths

29th October: Budget – Bedford Police Funding

30th October FCO Questions: MET investigation into Rwandan Genocide suspects in UK

6th November: Urgent Q Police Pension Liabilities – emergency funding for Bedfordshire Police

13th November: Opposition Day Debate: School Funding – Bedford funding allocation


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