Working for You – March 2019

In the constituency

Over the past month many constituents have been writing to me about to me about the debates scheduled for yesterday, 14th March, worried about the effect future trade deals could have on our NHS and other public services, and regarding the Agriculture Bill, concerned with protecting our high food standards, post Brexit.  I was able to ask questions in the House of Commons on this. I continue to be contacted each week by a large number of constituents sharing a range of views on Brexit, over half of which include a call for a second referendum.

A number of constituents have written to share their views that schools must be given funding for the safe removal of asbestos and several constituents have requested I put pressure on the Prime Minister to ensure the rules on earthquakes in our fracking legislation are not watered down.

My team have had a busy month with casework on behalf of constituents, with requests for help with Home Office issues, and yet further incidences where constituents’ fluctuating income or employer pay schedules are leading to indefensible losses of Universal Credit income.

I was pleased to see a great turnout for the DKMS Bhangra Ball event at Empire at the beginning of March which raised much needed funds to increase their register of stem cell donors, and it was inspiring to see the talent on display at last week’s Bedfordshire Festival of Music Speech and Drama at the Corn Exchange.

Tomorrow I will be attending the Rail Campaign public meeting at Trinity Arts & Leisure and over the weekend have been invited to celebrate with Sri Guru Ravidass Sabha Bedford for the 642nd Birth Anniversary of Sat Guru Ravidass Maharaj Ji, at the procession through the town centre tomorrow, Saturday, and at the temple on Sunday. I will attend Holi celebrations on the 24th March at Goldington Green Cricket Club.

In Parliament

Brexit debates continued to dominate proceedings in recent weeks, resulting in a series of votes across three days this week. Incredibly the Prime Minister looks set to bring her botched deal back to the commons for a third vote next week, but last night Parliament supported an extension to article 50, which will be requested of the EU if her deal is not agreed. Yesterday was not the right time to call for a second referendum, but I will set out my thoughts on Brexit in a separate post which I will publish later today.

I have spoken a number of times in the House of Commons on other issues. Click on the following links to read in full:

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04 March: School Funding

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14 March 2019: Leaving the EU: Agricultural Sector and Overseas Goods

One thought on “Working for You – March 2019

  1. Dear Mr. Yasin,

    While I await your latest Brexit update, I would like to commend your wise choice of attending to constituency matters last Saturday, rather than attending the ‘People’s Vote’ march in London.

    Just as you must be reluctant to vote for a third time on the Government’s poor EU withdrawal deal, I am loath to have a second referendum foisted upon me in three years when the first satisfied my needs entirely. A general election would surely run less risk of civil unrest in the current circumstances.

    I am equally reluctant to see this parliament attempt to revoke Article 50, since both main parties undertook to honour the 2016 referendum result.

    Sensible MP’s such as yourself evidently understand that a ‘People’s vote’ march of say 500,000 people or a dubious e-petition of 5 million, count for nothing against a cross on a ballot paper at a general election.

    This is why I often tell my family (which will have 2 new voters by 2022) how lucky we are to live in such a marginal constituency as Bedford & Kempston at such important times as these.

    Kind regards

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