Food standards at risk

I was disappointed but not surprised that the Government rejected the last attempt to require imported food to meet domestic legal standards from the 1st January 2021.
All but 14 Tory MPs (none of them in Bedfordshire) struck down a Lords amendment to the Agriculture Bill to force trade deals to meet UK animal welfare and food safety rules.
It’s a disappointing result for the UK. Not only for our farmers, but for those who care about where their food comes from.
But mostly its a threat to the future of British farming which I’m afraid to say is now at the mercy of future trade deals.
I believe that the Government must urgently reconsider this matter and institute protections in legislation to protect the future of British farming. 
The farming minister Victoria Prentis said the government was “absolutely committed to high standards” but they aren’t committed enough to protect British farmers where it really matters – in law.