Bedford Independent Guest Column, Brexit
By Mohammad Yasin / July 22, 2020

July Bedford Independent Column: A national disaster is unfolding

Coronavirus has claimed nearly 650,000 jobs since March. Sectors that were already struggling, like retail and hospitality, have little resilience...

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Black Lives Matter, Key Issues
By Mohammad Yasin / June 4, 2020

Black Lives Matter

Many constituents are contacting me about the Black Lives Matter movement. I’m appalled by the killing of George Floyd and...

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Bedford Independent Guest Column, Covid-19 Coronavirus, Education
By Mohammad Yasin / May 22, 2020

May Bedford Independent Column: Government is losing public confidence over return to schools

On 10 May the Prime Minister announced that Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 would be the first to return...

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Bedford Independent Guest Column, Covid-19 Coronavirus, Covid-19 Coronavirus
By Mohammad Yasin / April 21, 2020

April Bedford Independent guest column: Government’s response is an epic failure

I want the government to succeed in fighting the biggest crisis in peacetime history, to save lives and protect livelihoods....

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Bedford Independent Guest Column, Covid-19 Coronavirus
By Mohammad Yasin / March 19, 2020

March Bedford Independent Column: Public health crisis

We are living through a global emergency. Governments throughout the world are struggling to deal with this public health crisis...

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Social Care
By Mohammad Yasin / February 13, 2020

Ban Unregulated Children’s Homes

I'm very pleased to hear that the Government is now seeking to ban unregulated children's homes following consultation. In response...

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Bedford Independent Guest Column
By Mohammad Yasin / January 14, 2020

January Bedford Independent Column

It’s great to be back in Parliament to get on with raising the concerns of the people of Bedford and...

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By Mohammad Yasin / December 20, 2019

First week back to the job

It's the end of a busy first week back working as your Member of Parliament. ‪I am immensely grateful to...

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By Mohammad Yasin / October 24, 2019

Brexit developments this week

You may already be aware that I voted for the Letwin amendment on Saturday, and against the Withdrawal Agreement Bill...

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Bedford Independent Guest Column
By Mohammad Yasin / October 18, 2019

October Bedford Independent Column – The Queen’s speech was ‘a party-political broadcast for a Conservative Government in panic mode’

This week the Queen was summoned to Parliament to read out Boris Johnson’s Government’s agenda. But this was a highly...

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