Just 30% of Grenfell Tower fire funds have reached victims. This is disappointing and amounts to a direct failure of the Government and Local Authority to help victims. It is important to have the inquiry in the cause and spread of the fire but it is equally important that we help victims now.

huge rise in NHS assets for sale

Concern about huge rise in NHS assets for sale

Labour research shows a huge rise in NHS assets for sale – double the previous year’s figures. The government won’t publish details of half of these proposed sales.

During my election campaign I asked questions about what the Naylor report would mean for our local NHS land, and the answers coming back are still not clear.

As a party we’re not opposed to the disposal of assets where the land is unsuitable for modern medical use, but there will undoubtedly be plenty of valid clinical purposes for much of this land and property.

Locally we need acute mental health beds for example so where will these go if the land is sold?¬†Disposing of it in what amounts to a ‘fire sale’ risks getting poor value, and is completely wrong.