May 23 Newsletter

Labour set out with the goal to become the largest party on Bedford Borough Council and we did just that with three excellent gains in Cauldwell, Queen’s Park and a new foothold in Kingsbrook alongside retaining all of our current seats. I’m so grateful to all our candidates for their tireless work.

March 23 Newsletter

Today’s Budget highlighted 13 years of the Conservatives mismanaging our economy. As Labour Leader Keir Starmer rightly said the Government are trying to disguise stagnation as stability.

February 23 Newsletter

Labour this week revealed how, under the Tories, civil-service spending has risen steeply, with lax rules allowing millions of pounds of frivolously wasted tax-payer money spent using government procurement cards (GPCs).

January 23 Newsletter

Much as we saw 2022 come to an end amidst the turmoil of strikes, in 2023 we are seeing workers from even more industries taking steps on industrial action…

December 22 Newsletter

It would have been impossible to predict the extraordinary events – not least the number of changes of Prime Minister – we have seen in Westminster in 2022…

Call for evidence on anti-social behaviour

I am pleased to be supporting the APPG on Anti-Social Behaviour’s call for evidence. If you have experienced ASB, please download and complete the evidence form here.

November 22 Newsletter

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has started but it’s more of the same as we saw with his recent predecessors. Only three weeks into the job and already the count of Cabinet Ministers embroiled in Ministerial Code breaches is also three.

New leadership was never going to be the solution to turn the tide on the rule-breaking and scandal that has become the hallmark of successive Tory PM’s Governments: we need a new party at the helm.

October 22 Newsletter

It’s been an extraordinary time in British politics and as I write this Liz Truss’ Government has imploded, she has resigned and we are to expect a new Prime Minister within a week.

Labour: On Your Side

Labour has a plan to reboot our economy, revitalise our public services and re-energise our communities. Here are just some of the policy pledges and commitments that came out of this year’s Labour conference.

September 22 Newsletter

Following on from the sad passing of HM The Queen and the subsequent period of national mourning, the House of Commons sat again this week, with the cost-of-living crisis firmly at the top of Labour’s agenda.
Unfortunately, Liz Truss’ Government decided instead that now is the time for reckless borrowing and to lay out a mini budget transparent in its aim of benefiting the wealthiest.