First week back to the job

It’s the end of a busy first week back working as your Member of Parliament. ‪I am immensely grateful to the constituents of Bedford and Kempston for re-electing me. 

Follow this link to read my full letter of thanks to the constituents of Bedford and Kempston, published in the Bedford Independent.

Since becoming MP in 2017, retaining and improving services at Bedford Hospital was and remains a top priority. During the election campaign, the Secretary of State for Health and others, made false claims about my commitment to securing funding for the hospital. Here I set the record straight.

Rail Passengers in Bedford faced more delays and cancellations this morning, after a series of disruptions to services over the last few weeks.

This is of course completely unacceptable, not least because rail users are going to be hit with yet another fare hike in the new year.

The elusive Rail Minister Chris Heaton-Harris appears to be back in post, and I have written to him to demand the meeting that he refused me in the run up to the General Election.

Please don’t hesitate to contact my office if there are any issues you would like to discuss.

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