Brexit Withdrawal Agreement Fails to Deliver

Many constituents are contacting me to share their strong concerns regarding the Withdrawal Agreement negotiated by the Prime Minister, which fails to deliver on her Government’s promises.

The government is now in chaos because of their inability to negotiate a deal in the national interest. It is highly unlikely the Agreement will get through Parliament and it’s not clear what is going to happen next but the Government is weak and unstable at this crucial time in our history when we need strong governance.

Labour have been clear that we will not vote for a deal that does not protect jobs, workers and environmental rights, the economy and living standards or a deal that does not work for all of the nations in the United Kingdom.

My party has fought for a deal which included a new comprehensive and permanent customs union, with a British say in future trade deals which would support businesses, our NHS, jobs and the manufacturing supply chains they depend on; a strong single market relationship that allows British business continued access to vital European markets for both goods and services and a guarantee that our country doesn’t fall behind the EU in workers’ rights, or protections for consumers and the environment.

The Prime Minister’s hopeless compromise offers none of this and I cannot support it. It will harm jobs and the economy, it will not deliver frictionless trade and provides no certainty over customs, immigration, security, defence, research and collaboration. You were promised Brexit would be easy and have no downsides; that we would be taking back control. This deal has considerable downsides and leaves us stuck in limbo with a loss of sovereignty and less control over our borders and laws. It is a failure after two years of botched negotiations, and it would leave us in a state of limbo.

I do not believe the Prime Minister’s deal is in the national interest – indeed it is vastly inferior to the deal we currently have with the European Union.  There have already been a number of resignations – including that of her own Brexit Secretary. There could not be more damning an indictment than Dominic Raab’s assessment of the deal that he negotiated, but now says ‘presents a very real threat to the integrity of the United Kingdom’. The Prime Minister now knows that her Withdrawal agreement cannot win the approval of Parliament as it has no support from Labour, the DUP or the SNP.

This is a critical point in our history and we need stability from the Government, not this chaos. I will be working hard in the coming weeks to act in the best interests of the people of Bedford and Kempston and, alongside colleagues, pressing this Government to put the interests of the country not the Conservative Party first.

2 thoughts on “Brexit Withdrawal Agreement Fails to Deliver

  1. I totally agree with your comments. For two and a half years Mrs. May has been trying to push a square peg into a round hole! For the sake of the country and everyone’s sanity, Brexit needs to be stopped either by Parliament or a second referendum.

  2. Please forgive me for contacting you as I am not one of your constituents but a friend of mine is. She is an active Labour member in Bedford & I am a Labour member in Hampshire. We met in Hong Kong in 1970s & discovered that we had probably played hockey against each other at school.
    Like her and I believe you are, I am determined to remain in the EU. Even at primary school I knew I lived in Brighton, Sussex, Great Britain, Europe, the World and I have always felt European and believed the EU to be one of the best things that has happened to the UK ,(along with the NHS, pensions, unions, etc). I think we have gained so much by collaborating in science, standards,education,close frictionless trade networks, justice, free movement for jobs and recreation.
    As I was so frustrated and disolusioned by the Brexit idea and then the decidedly unreliable result, as well as what seemed to be inaction by Jeremy Corbyn, I started a petition which I hope you will feel able to ask your constituents to Sign, comment and share. I hope you do not think I am being too cheeky! Many thanks.

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