Boris Johnson, let me do my job

I am elected to represent YOU in Parliament. But without your consent the unelected Prime Minister is stopping me from doing the job that you entrusted me to do. 

Unlike some in Government, I am no stranger to a hard day’s work, and I expect to be able to carry out what I have been elected by residents to do. 

To shut down Parliament and prevent it from performing its duty, to hold the government to account on the most important issue of our time, during a national crisis, is profoundly undemocratic and is a deeply cynical and cowardly move. 

Boris Johnson is behaving more like a dictator than a Prime Minister. He has no mandate for a no deal Brexit from the public or Parliament. Instead of seeking your views he is committing a constitutional outrage.

It flies in the face of parliamentary sovereignty, precisely what many of those who voted to leave the EU say they wanted to protect.

This is a power grab by the Government who are putting the interests of the Conservative Party above the national interest. At least six members of the cabinet, including the Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd, Health Secretary Matt Hancock, the Chancellor Savid Javid and the former Leader of the House, now Business Secretary Andrea Leadsom have spoken out against proroguing parliament recently but now stay silent. They are more concerned about their own careers than doing what is right and decent. 

I will not stay silent in the face of hypocrisy. This is not about Brexit but about Parliament holding the executive to account – a fundamental principle of our parliamentary democracy. 

There is cross-party support against the suspension of Parliament, and I will be working with colleagues across the House to stand up for our democracy and to ensure the UK isn’t forced out of the EU on a damaging no deal Brexit against their will.

3 thoughts on “Boris Johnson, let me do my job

  1. Thanks Mohammad.
    This is a deeply worrying precedent in a time of deeply worrying precedents.
    Boris Johnson and his mob do not speak for me or my family and we will be joining in the fight against this absolute outrage.
    Keep up the good work.

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