Windrush scandal

A key concern for constituents has been the Windrush scandal, which occurred as a direct result of the Home Office’s policy to create a hostile environment.  There have been growing numbers of cases where people have faced uncertainty over their status. There are British citizens who have been made homeless, been denied healthcare, lost their jobs and been detained and potentially deported.

Under the Immigration Act 1971, all Commonwealth citizens living in the UK were granted indefinite leave to remain. However, the Home Office did not keep records or issue paperwork confirming it. It is also the case that in 2014, the Government removed the immigration protection that existed for Commonwealth citizens who had come here previously.

I signed David Lammy’s excellent letter which first outlined the extent of the scandal, and the Government has now confirmed that the Windrush generation do have the right to remain and will be granted British citizenship. There will also be a compensation scheme established. The latest information is available at

These developments are welcome but it is shameful that the UK has treated the Windrush generation in this way. They were always British citizens and they have been let down by the state.