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April 24 Newsletter

Congratulations to John Tizard, who stood on a platform of real change for policing, only reinforced on the doorstep by countless residents of Bedfordshire who certainly couldn’t say they felt safer and more protected by the police now than they did 14 years ago. I wish him and his deputy Umme Ali all the best and I know they will both do a fantastic job.

March 24 Newsletter

You may have seen last week I asked a question at Prime Minister’s Questions relating to the concerning forced closure of Bedford’s Renal Unit due to issues with water quality. Please be assured that I am continuing to press for updates so we can get to the bottom of this issue.

February 24 Newsletter

Well I must begin by talking about the scenes in Parliament this month around the SNP Motion on calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.

As you all know, I voted in Parliament for a ceasefire back in October and I had planned to vote for both the Labour amendment and the SNP motion.

December 23 Newsletter

This is my final newsletter for 2023 and I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Back in January I wrote to you about my concerns for the winter – the cost-of-living crisis, abysmal NHS waiting times and a Government without a handle on how to turn things around. I’m sad to see these issues are still prevalent and we still have the incompetent Tories in power.

November 23 Newsletter

The Government have continued to plumb ever deeper depths in recent weeks; Suella Braverman was sacked as Home Secretary, her legacy from the role one of inciting hatred and violence in the UK, whilst David Cameron was farcically brought in as Foreign Secretary via the House of Lords.
The Supreme Court ruled this week that the Government’s ill-conceived Rwanda immigration policy was unlawful on the grounds that Rwanda is not a safe country for asylum seekers.

October 23 Newsletter

It is at times like these, when we are faced with the sight of unspeakable horrors, when we must, for the sake of our common humanity, find ways to come together: we speak out against atrocities and we call for responses that are lawful, and with the ultimate aim of finding a lasting solution for peace. The retaliation against Hamas’ barbaric actions must not sow even deeper, long-lasting hatred.

Rail Ticket Office Closure – Consultation Response

I have responded to the consultation into the closure of rail ticket offices. I am against the proposals and I am pleased the consultation response has been extended to the 1st September. You can read my response to the consultation…

July 23 Newsletter

The General Election is likely to take place in 2024 and as we saw with the recent by election results, nothing can be taken for granted. Rallying together to show Labour’s vision for Bedford to our constituents is crucial and getting my annual report out to each household is one important step.

June 23 Newsletter

This month has been characterised by intense campaigning in Mid Bedfordshire, following Nadine Dorries suggesting she would be resigning as Member of Parliament. Although to date she has not formally done so, I have been delighted to see Bedford and Kempston Labour Party members spending hours knocking on doors, and in some heavy downpours too.

May 23 Newsletter

Labour set out with the goal to become the largest party on Bedford Borough Council and we did just that with three excellent gains in Cauldwell, Queen’s Park and a new foothold in Kingsbrook alongside retaining all of our current seats. I’m so grateful to all our candidates for their tireless work.